Welcome to the Sonic Suitcase by Dr. Music - we invented the original suitcase speaker in 2002.  Every other suitcase speaker is a copy of our original idea.  These copies are inferior in design and performance - the difference is astounding.

Every Sonic Suitcase build starts with the suitcase in mind.  We measure and size up each suitcase for enclosure and mounting points to insure a rigid and solid system.  We determine speaker size and placement based on the enclosure that will mount inside the suitcase.  Depending on the speakers, we choose a tuning frequency via a port or vent that will reinforce the bass response and efficiency of the overall setup.  We then choose an appropriate crossover design to divide the signal between the speakers and to keep each speaker safe from damaging frequencies.  We add amplifier, bluetooth, and battery system to the enclosure and connections and switches to the case.  Lastly, we throw in a bit of magic and test each system for performance and sound. 

A suitcase is an inherently poor speaker enclosure; the walls are thin and flexible, the suitcase leaks air and rattles.  For this reason, we go to great lengths to fit a solid, rigid enclosure into each Sonic Suitcase. We solder every connection for the best mechanical and electrical connection.  While copycat suitcase boomboxes are adding more bells and whistles, we stay true to the sound. 

The science of sound really matters.  

The standard powered Sonic Suitcase boombox includes an AC/DC adapter to plug into the wall and a rechargeable lithium ion battery system.  Inputs are via bluetooth and an aux jack.

Upgrade Options:

Speaker grills

Volume Control

I build and sell about 200 Sonic Suitcases per year and inventory 30-50 suitcases at a time.  You're welcome to send me a suitcase.  Custom models are no problem and shipping is cheap and easy.

Feel free to contact us at drmusic123@aol.com or call 251-990-3412.  Check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/thesonicsuitcase, Instagram at drmusic123.

Here's a promo from 2016: 

Built right here in Fairhope, Alabama by a speaker enclosure guru and lifelong sound enthusiast.  We don’t screw a cheap speaker into a suitcase if you know what i’m sayin’.  We go to great lengths to make a suitcase sound awesome, play loudly and reproduce the music the way it was meant to be heard.  It’s no secret that our secret is a solid, rigid enclosure built into the case, ported and tuned with the right speaker selection and a hand built and designed crossover to make it sound all nice-like.  So go ahead and look for the cheapest suitcase speaker that you can find from a guy that doesn’t own a table saw and doesn’t know that speakers need homes called enclosures to work properly; but buy a Sonic Suitcase cause it’s probably not much more munny and it’s a heck of a lot more value.

Out speakers have Bluetooth, a battery pack and an AC/DC cable to plug into the wall, as well as an aux input for an audio device without bluetooth.  Our fully rechargeable battery system won’t burn your house down or overheat during charging like so many hoverboards; some suitcase speakers too; but not ours.  And although we like that song by the Talking Heads, we’d rather entertain your ears and your body with music than do the pyro thing.  Custom models are available, we will walk over hot coals to get you good and satisfied.  We only ask one thing:  don’t expect us to understand your need to be cheap about music or sound because we don’t believe that anyone chooses poor sound (and there’s plenty of that out there).  Send us your money and treat your ears to a beautiful life.