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Tweed Tension Sonic Suitcase BoomboxWelcome to the Sonic Suitcase by Dr. Music.  Since 2002, i’ve built the best sounding suitcase boomboxes in existence.  The Sonic Suitcase incorporates over 30 years of speaker enclosure design and construction into each offering.  The secret is that i love to build Sonic Suitcases; the pleasure that they bring is worth every hour spent in the woodshop.

Brown St. Louis Sonic Suitcase Boombox

I go to great lengths to fit a rigid enclosure into a Sonic Suitcase.  This allows me to control the acoustics of the system.  I then tune and port each enclosure for greater efficiency and to reinforce the bass output.  I hand select each driver and custom design the crossover components that go into a Sonic Suitcase.  Customers often ask me what speakers i use.  I answer that i choose the speaker based on the enclosure that i have to work with and the power that is available.  The science of sound really matters.

Grey Go Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Every Sonic Suitcase is built in Fairhope, Alabama.  The standard suitcase speaker is an amplified system and includes an AC/DC adapter to plug into the wall and a battery holder for 8AA batteries.  It also includes an 3.5mm audio cable so that you can plug into the headphone jack of your smart phone, tablet, MP3 player or other device.  Options include a bluetooth receiver, a rechargeable battery and charger, speaker grills and a USB charging point.   Custom models are welcome and shipping is cheap and easy. Feel free to contact us at or call 251-990-3412.  Check us out on Facebook at, Instagram at drmusic123, Twitter @drmusic123.

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Tweed Bases Loaded Sonic Suitcase Speaker

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