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Brown Jaco Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Killer bass like that dude from Weather Report but it’s never lost a bar fight.

Powered suitcase speaker system built into a classic piece of Hartmann luggage.  Dual 6.75″ 3-way speakers and a ported enclosure are the ticket to teeth-rattling output and great sound.  Add 8AA batteries or plug into an AC outlet.  The audio cable is included.



Boom Trunk Sonic Suitcase Speaker

A real barn-burner here.  Vintage trunk born again as a speaker system.  The owner uses it to watch movies on the big screen in her barn.

Powered speaker system with dual 6.5″ woofers in a bandpass enclosure that fires out the side and dual 4.5″ two-way speakers that fire out the front.  The receiver in the back is fan cooled.  This thing jams.


Black Chet Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Like cool jazz but won’t get you beaten up.  Let’s get lost in the melody together.

Vintage trumpet case given new life as a powered suitcase speaker system.  Dual 2-way 5.25″ speakers in a tuned and ported enclosure.  Plug in with the supplied AC adapter or go portable by adding 8AA batteries.  Includes the audio cable to connect to almost anything that makes an audio signal.


White Mojo Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Can a white boy play the blues?  Dunno, but he can sho nuff Boom tha blues.

Powered suitcase speaker system built into a marbled Samsonite piece.  4 – 5″ woofers in a tuned enclosure topped off with dual 1/2″ tweeters.  This thang plays low, low, low.


White Jefferson Airplane Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Nobody to love?  You’ll love this, love you back too.

Powered suitcase speaker system that won’t make you nervous or make you small.  Portable, loud, fidelity-ness – erything.


Brown Swamp Pop Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Faux alligator as fake as swamp pop, but no worries cher, i see you at the fais do do.

Powered suitcase speaker system upcycled from an old 8 track tape case.  Internal enclosure to keep all the riddims on the outside.


Brown Dead Milkmen Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Whether you prefer Bucky Fellini or Beelzebubba this tater is cooked just right.  Tunes to go with yer B*tchin’ Camaro,

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 3-way, 6.5″ speakers in a tuned enclosure.  Includes the AC adapter to plug into wall power and can run on 8AA batteries as well.  Plug in your fave source – ipod. laptop, ipad, smart phone, etc and take off.


Aqua Richie Havens Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom…sometimes i feel like a motherless child.  But not when i hear the sweet sounds of this Sonic Suitcase.

Powered suitcase speaker system with component speakers.  5″ woofers, 1/2″ tweeters, internal crossover, internal enclosure, internal amplifier, internal battery pack, internal wiring, external power switch, external audio cable, external AC adapter, external aural excitement.



Tear up the roads or hit the pipeline on your lunch break.  Miserlou will be your earworm for the year.

Powered suitcase speaker system built into a retro piece of luggage.  Sounds great, no flexing or floppy bass.  Know why?  Because i build these things the way that speakers are supposed to be built.  I go to great lengths to build an enclosure inside of every Sonic Suitcase so that the suitcase won’t fall apart and so that the sound that emanates from it is the best that physics will allow.   Listen and believe.