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White Buffalo Sonic Suitcase Speaker

A real rarity in the form of a pristine vintage white Lady Baltimore cosmetics case.   I enjoyed cutting into this one.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 5″ woofers and 3/4′ tweeters on the side.  Add 8AA batteries for portability or plug in with the supplied AC adapter.  3.5mm to dual rca cable supplied so that you can plug in almost anything for sound.

Available at LifeBytes, Apple Specialists.  3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Suite 218, Gulf Shores, AL 36542 http://www.lifebytesstores.com  251-923-2100

Boom Trunk Sonic Suitcase Speaker

A real barn-burner here.  Vintage trunk born again as a speaker system.  The owner uses it to watch movies on the big screen in her barn.

Powered speaker system with dual 6.5″ woofers in a bandpass enclosure that fires out the side and dual 4.5″ two-way speakers that fire out the front.  The receiver in the back is fan cooled.  This thing jams.


Black Chet Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Like cool jazz but won’t get you beaten up.  Let’s get lost in the melody together.

Vintage trumpet case given new life as a powered suitcase speaker system.  Dual 2-way 5.25″ speakers in a tuned and ported enclosure.  Plug in with the supplied AC adapter or go portable by adding 8AA batteries.  Includes the audio cable to connect to almost anything that makes an audio signal.


Blue Otis Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T will be yours with this hip shaker.

Powered suitcase speaker system.  Internal tuned enclosure does all the work for awesome bass, lifelike midrange and crisp, clean highs.  Includes audio cable and AC adapter.

These arms of mine made this for you.  SOLD

Grey Gram Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Create your own Cosmic American Music to dig yourself out from under the Joshua Tree.  A visionary, a troubadour, an icon – you can be all of these – just buy this.

Powered stereo speaker system for any kind of audio device that you can come up with.  Runs on 8AA batteries or the supplied AC adapter.  Includes a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to dual rca cable.   Real audio gear, not plastic throw-away junk.  Real sound.

Built in Fairhope, AL by Dr. Music.  SOLD

Blue Freddie King Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Have your ever loved a woman the way you’ll love the sound of this thang???  Let the Texas Cannonball deliver the mood, you supply the attitude.

Powered suitcase speaker system with 4-5″ woofers and 2- 1/2″ tweeters.  Includes the AC adapter and audio cable to connect to your mp3 player, laptop, turntable, etc.  Add 8AA batteries and go portable.   A real speaker system with a tuned enclosure to provide great sound and structural integrity, not some wanna be speakers stuffed into a suitcase that will rattle itself into pieces.  Dr. Music is serious about sound and goes to great lengths to give you the best.  Laugh at the pretenders, i do.

Built in Fairhope, AL by Dr. Music.  AVAILABLE AT CENTRAL SQUARE RECORDS, SEASIDE, FL (850)231-5669, centralsquarerecords@earthlink.net

Blue Meanies Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Baby you’re a rich man with this Beatles themed Sonic Suitcase.  Even if your flash cash is coins only, you’ll look like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds with this.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 5.25″ two-way speakers installed in a tuned enclosure for maximum output and sound quality.  Powered by 8AA batteries or the included AC adapter, simply plug your mp3 player, phone, laptop, tablet, etc into the supplied audio cable and smile.

From the woodshop of Dr. Music located in the booming metropolis of Fairhope, AL.  SOLD

Blue Green Gene Clark Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Sweet like Gene with the Byrds.  Whether Eight Miles High or not caring about time, you’ll feel a whole lot better when your ears get a loada this.

Fiberglass suitcase (only one i’ve ever seen) with dual 5″ woofers and 1/2″ tweeters, powered system for use with your mp3 player, phone, laptop, etc.  Includes the AC adapter and the audio connection cable.  Can run on 8AA batteries for portability.  Great sound from the internal tuned enclosure to insure durability and proper sound.  I’ve been perfecting these for over 8 years and this one’s perfect.  Accept no imitations – especially ones that look good but sound like diddly poo.

Built in Fairhope, AL, USA and SOLD at Dr. Music Records, 251-990-3412, drmusic123@aol.com.  SOLD

Aqua Argus Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Saved from a certain doomed life as a case for a slide projector, i’ve upcycled it into a speaker that’ll bring a smile to your face.  Much better than having to watch your mom’s collection of sunset slides.

Powered speaker system for your mp3 player, phone, laptop, tablet, pad, etc.  Bluetooth capable.  Take it with you by inserting 8AA batteries or jam at home with the supplied AC adapter.  Also includes the audio connection cable.  Unlike cheap imitations, feel free to open it up.   Behold a tuned enclosure for the best sound available, no flexing baffles, no rattling enclosures, no blown speakers, lots of quality sound.

Built by the generally likeable Dr. Music.  SOLD

Cordovan Kawliga Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Ole Hank sings it true through this vintage cosmetics case.  Hear the testifyin’ fer yerself.  Believe!

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 5″ woofers and 1/2″ tweeters.  Dr. Music signature tuned enclosure for the best sound, no wimpy suitcase baffles here.  This thing is portable as all get out, just brang yer best 8AA batteries.  Includes the AC adapter and the audio connection cable.

Built by Dr. Music.  I ship these all over the world. drmusic123@aol.com 251-990-3412 SOLD