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Grey Ballers Sonic Suitcase Speaker

American tackle football – leather helmets, no facemask…nuff said.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 6.75″ coaxial speakers in a vented enclosure.  Vintage grey plaid suitcase that’s not quite houndstooth with decoupage front.  AC power and battery power capable.

Available at LifeBytes, Apple Specialists.  3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Suite 218, Gulf Shores, AL 36542 http://www.lifebytesstores.com  251-923-2100

Black Folk Implosion Sonic Suitcase Speaker

I’m the one, the natural one.  Buy this and you will inherit my one-ness.

Powered suitcase speaker system for any device that has an output jack – just plug it in and enjoy.  The internal battery pack hold 8AA batteries; the AC adapter and audio cable are included.  This Sonic Suitcase plays loud, lots of bass and crisp, clean mids and highs.  Utopian design from Utopia.  The fabric is Ikea bought.


Brown Turtles Sonic Suitcase Speaker

You and your Sonic Suitcase = Happy Together.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 6.5″ 3-way speakers in a ported enclosure.  See, we build speaker systems, not stuff speakers into suitcases.  Our speaker systems sound so good because we know what the specs on the speakers mean, we know how to build an enclosure to work with the speakers and we know how to tune an enclosure for efficiency and sound quality.  I will admit, my photography needs work.


Brown Beau Brummels Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Go on down to Bradley’s Barn and Laugh, Laugh through the night.  Be careful, someone may have moved the outhouse.

Powered speaker system that’s compatible with anything with a headphone jack or line out.  Includes the connection cable, power cable and a battery holder for 8AA batteries.

drmusic123@aol.com, 251-990-3412


Brown Tortoise Guitar Suitcase

15 watt solid-state guitar amplifier with 6″ speaker.  One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.  Robert Nesta Marley

AVAILABLE AT CENTRAL SQUARE RECORDS, SEASIDE, FL (850)231-5669, centralsquarerecords@earthlink.net