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Brown Grant Hart Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Not just a sideman that can sing… The real thing, just don’t call it Nova Mob.

Powered suitcase speaker system reconstituted from a vintage Hartmann briefcase.  Ported enclosure gives it great bottom end, the ability to go battery or wall power gives it maximum move-ability.


Brown Turtles Sonic Suitcase Speaker

You and your Sonic Suitcase = Happy Together.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 6.5″ 3-way speakers in a ported enclosure.  See, we build speaker systems, not stuff speakers into suitcases.  Our speaker systems sound so good because we know what the specs on the speakers mean, we know how to build an enclosure to work with the speakers and we know how to tune an enclosure for efficiency and sound quality.  I will admit, my photography needs work.