Guitar Amps

My first excurson into the suitcase speaker world – 2002.  A musician friend always carried his picks and harps in an old carpet-bagger suitcase and i thought, “what if i build an amp into one of those.”  Let me say that they have evolved a lot since then.  I build one every once in a while…


6 thoughts on “Guitar Amps

    1. drmusic123 Post author

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m happy to build you a custom model per your requirements. I’ve built one bass amp before with great success. Let me know.

      1. Jon Young

        Maybe a single 10″ and a single 5″ tweeter, 75 to 100 watt range. I recently bought an electric upright and would like something portable for doing songwriter type gigs.

        1. drmusic123 Post author

          That’s a lot to stuff into a suitcase although i did recently purchase a large dark blue, classic Samsonite that would work really well. What’s your budget?

    1. drmusic123 Post author

      Thanks for your interest. The price really depends on the features that you’re looking for. The guitar amps start around $400. I use a 15-watt solid-state amp with pre-vol, bass, treble and post volume. These are great blues, rock, metal amps with a really nice crunchy overdrive; probably not a good amp for an acoustic guitar or super clean playing. Power is a supplied AC/DC converter or 8AA batteries. You can get a lot of different sounds by using the guitar’s volume control in relation to the amp’s pre and post gain controls. I just mailed one out a week ago and i sent him a request for a video. I’ll post it on the website if he comes through.

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