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Dr. Music Records

9 N Church St

Fairhope, AL 36532


Dr. Music has worn many hats for many years. Most of these metaphorical hats pertain to music and audio.  Behold, my vast amount of experience includes both extreme triumphs and epic failures.  Here i have included the good stuff.  I remember the bad stuff although i’m trying to live in denial about it.  People often ask me how i learned to fix things.  My reply, “i made all the mistakes.”  People ask me how long it takes to build a Sonic Suitcase.  My reply, “45 years.”

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Ben Moore

    The Blue Blues sonic suitcase would be the mythical “perfect” gift for my girlfriend a blues guitarist. Any chance of a guitar friendly version being built in the not to distant future?

    1. drmusic123 Post author

      Thanks for your interest. I use the speaker that works best with the enclosure i fashion for each suitcase. I’ve used Vifa, Polydax, Celestion, Rockford Fosgate, Altec Lansing, etc. A speaker is only as good as the enclosure that it’s matched with.


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