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Elevator Panel Speaker Conversion

Elevator Panel Speaker Conversion

elevator 2 elevator 3

Going down?  Get down with this customized elevator panel that rocks tha house via it’s custom powered subwoofer and satellite speakers.

I make great sounding speaker systems out of almost anything that you can imagine.  Past projects include golf bags, flower pots, mannequin’s, hair dryers and more.

I ship these all over the country and worldwide.  If you want to buy one, drop me an email and i’ll send you some pics of what i’m working on or we can work together to design a custom model to suit your needs.


Grey Sash sonic suitcase speaker

Grey Sash Sonic Suitcase Speaker

What’s another name for a sash cord?  Boom…

Powered Suitcase Speaker system that’s battery powered and includes the AC adapter.  Plug in your favorite MP3 player via your smartphone, Ipod, etc. and let the good times roll.  I build an internal enclosure and tune it for efficiency and response – I never rely on the acoustics of a flimsy suitcase.  Accept no substitute.

Custom models are easy and shipping is cheap.