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White Radio Conversion

A 1940’s floor-standing radio with a modern complement of speakers, subwoofer, bluetooth and more.

A local family has owned this  radio since the late 40’s.  Sometime along the way it got a fresh coat of paint.  I upgraded the grill cloth, added an amplifier and a couple of forward firing midrange/tweeter speakers plus a subwoofer that fires out the back.  I can conservatively say that this thang get’s down.


Panasonic Retro Radio Conversion

One of my favorite things about recycling vintage stuff into speaker systems is the ability to revitalize an item that holds sentimental value to a client.  This belonged to a friend’s grandfather.

It’s an MP3 docking station complete with a subwoofer and dual satellite speakers.  Bass, treble and volume controls are included on the back.  The square box on the bottom is the subwoofer, made to be heard but not necessarily seen.  Simply place it on the floor.