Grey Ballers Sonic Suitcase Speaker

American tackle football – leather helmets, no facemask…nuff said.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 6.75″ coaxial speakers in a vented enclosure.  Vintage grey plaid suitcase that’s not quite houndstooth with decoupage front.  AC power and battery power capable.

Available at LifeBytes, Apple Specialists.  3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Suite 218, Gulf Shores, AL 36542  251-923-2100

3 thoughts on “Grey Ballers Sonic Suitcase Speaker

  1. chadtheus

    pls let me kwn hw i can get this and the price of the item and also need to kwn if it plays ipads/connection for it.

    1. drmusic123 Post author

      The Sonic Suitcase has a 3.5mm connection that will work with an iPad or any device with an output.


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