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Cordovan Cure Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Show me show me show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream she said.  Nope.

Powered suitcase speaker system to make your aural dreams come true.  Includes the audio cable for your ipod, mp3, iphone, smart phone, ipad, laptop, etc.  The internal tuned enclosure adds structural integrity and provides the enclosure for the best output and sound.  Dual 5″ woofers and 1/2 tweeters.  Includes the AC adapter to plug into the wall.  Just add 8AA batteries for portability.

Built by Dr. Music in Fairhope, AL  251-990-3412  Shipping is no problem and inexpensive


Camel Supergrass Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Life on other planets pumping on your stereo…  Cooler than a name like Gaz Coombes.

Powered suitcase speaker system for your ipod, laptop, ipad, mp3 player, etc.  Internal tuned enclosure for structural integrity and great sound.  Massive amounts of bass and serene highs.  Includes everything that you need to make music and annoy the neighbors; the audio cable and the AC adapter.  Go mobile by adding 8AA batteries.

Built by Dr. Music and sold at his record store in Fairhope, AL 251-990-3412



Blue Moody Blues Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Timothy Leary is dead.  Tune in and hear great sound with no dropout.

Powered suitcase speaker system for your mp3 player, smartphone, music server, tv, etc.  Dual 5″ woofers and 1/2″ tweeters.  Includes the audio cable with a 3.5mm end and the AC adapter.  For portability, simply add 8AA batteries and go.

Built by Dr. Music and sold at his store in Fairhope, AL 251-990-3412


Blue Dr. John Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Turn this on and you’ll be in the right place at the right time fo’ sho’.

Powered suitcase speaker system installed into a classic cosmetics case.  Solid construction with an internal enclosure to ensure great ouput and sound.  Dual 5″ woofers and 1/2″ tweeters.  Includes an audio cable and an AC adapter.


Blue Otis Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Mad R-E-S-P-E-C-T will be yours with this hip shaker.

Powered suitcase speaker system.  Internal tuned enclosure does all the work for awesome bass, lifelike midrange and crisp, clean highs.  Includes audio cable and AC adapter.

These arms of mine made this for you.  SOLD

Brown Let’s Active Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Big plans for everybody???  Well, every dog has his day.  This will make yours.

Powered speaker system with 6.5″ 3-way speakers mounted into a tuned and vented enclosure.  A real speaker for your real music selection.  Includes the audio cable and AC jack.  Can also go portable with 8AA batteries or a cigarette lighter plug.

Built by Dr. Music and SOLD at the record store, Dr. Music 251-990-3412  Shipping is easy and inexpensive.  SOLD

Aqua Bounce Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Named for the incredible new Oxford American Magazine coverage of Louisiana music, this one’s for the party.  Bon Temp Rouler speaker.

Powered suitcase speaker system for your ipod, laptop, ipad, etc.  Includes everything that you need to make sound, good sound and a lot of it.


Tan Tide Sonic Suitcase Speaker


Plug in yer fave audio source and you will be rollin’.    Built for Bob Baumhower and decorated by his wife.

Powered suitcase speaker system with dual 6.5″ 3-way speakers, amplifier and all the goodies.  Reinforced bass-reflex enclosure, 8AA battery pack plus the AC adapter, audio cable included.  It’s you.


Tan Mercyland Sonic Suitcase Speaker

Sugar for ya, just in time for some killer bass a’la Dave Barbe.

Powered suitcase speaker system that delivers incredible sound.  I’ve wowed the hardest musical critics with the sound of these things.  Now you can wow your ears or your friends if you’re a conspicuous consumer.  This’ll do tha trick.  Includes a battery holder for 8AA batteries, the AC adapter cable and the audio cable for connecting up your favorite music source.  I build these right according to the laws of physics and the rules of acoustics – more than just stuffing some speakers into a suitcase.  The acoustic suspension design and the strong internal enclosure insure the best output and sound.  Plus it won’t rattle to pieces in this millenium.

Built in Fairhope, AL by Dr. Music.  SOLD